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Get listed in the Rockwall Directory with a 1-3 page website. This site has been going through some changes, and I felt it would best serve the community of Rockwall, Texas, as a directory for local businesses. We are offering a FREE 1-page site on this new Rockwall Directory. Call William at 225-413-8928 to get listed.

History Of The Rockwall Directory In Texas

The Old Downtown Rockwall Is Back Better Than Ever!

Hi, my name is Bill Elsenrath, the owner of this Rockwall Directory. I started this website five years ago with the Farmers Market and real estate listings. At that time, I lived in Westwego, Louisiana. It was created because my wife and I had planned to move here, and I was looking for a way to generate some extra income. I was 65 years old then, and now my 70th birthday is coming in October 2022.

Many things have happened to me over the past five years, but to make a long story short, I almost died from a possible heart attack. By the grace of God, I am still here. I wake up every day thanking God for giving me another day of life.

The original plans to make this site the Rockwall Directory is now back up and running. My original plans are now coming to life, and the Rockwall Farmers Market will be the first to be in this directory, except for a solar, roofing, and SEO marketing company.

Solar Panel Systems, Roofing, And SEO Marketing

Here is how these three companies got listed in the New Rockwall Directory.

My son Ben has been marketing solar energy systems to the people of Rockwall since 2020. My son Ben and the solar company he represents, ZUNA Solar, are on the homepage. I also added the roofer, recommending I get a new roof before getting solar. I listened to the roofer, and he met my insurance adjuster at my house and went on the roof with him. The insurance company agreed with the roofing specialist that my roof needed replacement. Well, I now have a brand new roof on my home.

Rockwall Texas and the New Rockwall Directory is ready to get this directory rolling!
Rockwall Solar Panels – Affordable roof replacement Rockwall TX

The roofing specialist who inspected my roof is now part of the Rockwall Directory. Without him, I would still have the same old worn-out roof on my house. The last business to be added to this directory is the Rockwall SEO Company. That’s me, Bill Elsenrath. I have been doing SEO (search engine optimization) since 2009. Originally I just did SEO for my personal and business websites along with family and friends that I made websites for. Now I am thinking of doing SEO for others but starting with the companies in this directory and expanding from there.

Rockwall SEO Search Engine Optimization and website service. Get found in the Rockwall Texas Directory with your three page website.
The New Rockwall SEO Company And Website Builder – Get Found On The Internet!

My first line of business will be for the start of Rockwall SEO. I know SEO and can help you get found in search engine searches. It is now easier for me to do this directory since I now live in Rockwall, Texas. My wife and I have a lovely Lake Carruth house right behind the YMCA.

Rockwall Farmers Market And Old Downtown Square

The Rockwall Farmers Market has always been an interest to me. The first project will include pictures and write-ups about some Old Downtown Square and Farmers Market businesses. The next step is to do some work and get this website found in some of the searches on the internet. It will take a lot of work to do this, but I also enjoy the challenge.

Check back from time to time and search for Rockwall Farmers Market and see if this site shows up on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo search. You may start seeing some of the vendors from the Rockwall Farmers Market showing up. This usually takes six months to a year or even longer to happen. I hope to add several more ideas to this directory and start another website with a domain name registered.

Let me know if you are reading this and have some ideas for Also, let me know if you have some ideas for the Rockwall Directory. Search Engine Optimization is what I enjoy doing. Suppose you are creative and can come up with ideas or have some ideas shoot them past me. Text Bill at 225-413-8928 first and then call me. Let’s talk!

WordPress Website Developer For Rockwall Texas

I am looking for someone that knows WordPress and can develop pages for local businesses. If you feel you have the skills to add to this directory, we might be able to create some agreement. It will be up to you to figure out how to make money. I know that many directories come and go, making little money. Now and then, a big idea hits the ball out of the park. This is the exception and not the norm. I am willing to try if you are.

Now it’s time for me to work on another idea I have. I hope you have some general ideas for the Rockwall Directory and Rockwall Texas.

Historic Downtown Rockwall

The location is experiencing a rejuvenation full of adventure as travelers and locals find its beauty. It’s not by mistake, as years of well-thought-out organizing and concentrated energy have offered brand-new life to the downtown community, re-establishing it.

Foodies will have a great time with the eating venues in Old Downtown Rockwall. Have an easygoing adventure along with down-home types of food with a spin at Book Club Café, the very best wood-fired pizza and wine selections at Zanata, street tacos and a beer at Charlie’s, the best seafood in Rockwall at Pier 101, breakfast at Casa Mama or the very best high-end steak burgers at Wells Cattle Company. You make sure to discover what you wish to consume.

Downtown Rockwall is house to many stores and stores for you to invest the day shopping or searching while waiting on a table at one of their excellent eating establishments. Old Downtown Rockwall has whatever, from high-end clothes to in-your-area-themed knick-knacks.

Rockwall is a designated Texas Main Street City.
Its Downtown Square is not just house to old town stores, the historic courthouse, and dining establishments but different hometown celebrations.

The Rockwall location was now inhabited in the early 1800s by the Caddo and Creek Indian people. When the first Anglo inhabitants reached the location in the 1840s, they discovered the two people at war.

The National Road of the Republic of Texas was constructed through the location in the mid-1840s, and a brand-new neighborhood was established along this roadway.

Rockwall gets its name from a below-ground accumulation uncovered by Terry Wade in 1852. When he found the wall-like accumulation, Wade was excavating a well near the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.

Nobody has ever identified whether the rock formation is manufactured or natural development.

Rockwall was formally platted as a community by Elijah Elgin on April 17, 1854, when he bought a 40-acre tract of land from W.B. Bowles.

Rockwall Farmers Market Rockwall Texas

Rockwall Farmers Market is a seasonal and open on Saturdays beginning in May until the last Saturday of September. Our hours are from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm.

Rockwall Farmers Market is located on the Historic Downtown Square of Rockwall at 101 Rusk Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087. Vendors are spaced around the Old Court House near S. Goliad and Hwy 66.

Find homegrown fruits and vegetables, home-roasted coffee, healthy ice pops, spirit-filled chocolates and much more at the Rockwall Farmers Market. The market brings together a fantastic collection of artisan producers, many of which are based in Rockwall, Texas.

Bring the whole family out to the Rockwall Farmers Market.

Rockwall Farmers Market
Rockwall Farmers Market
Rockwall Farmers Market is located at 101 Rusk Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087. Vendors are spaced around the Old Court House near S. Goliad and Hwy 66.
The Amazing Dip At The Rockwall Farmers Market
Rockwall Farmers Market is located at 101 Rusk Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087. Vendors are spaced around the Old Court House near S. Goliad and Hwy 66.
Rockwall Farmers Market is located at 101 Rusk Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087. Vendors are spaced around the Old Court House near S. Goliad and Hwy 66.


Solar Power House Using Solar Panels Saves Money

Solar Power For Your House can save money. 26% tax incentive in 2022 and 22% in 2023.
Solar Power From The Sun

Rockwall Electricity Rates – How Solar Power Can Help

Rockwall electricity rates are some of the lowest in Texas. In fact, Rockwall’s average residential electricity rate is 13.15 cents per Kilo-Watt-Hour which is, on average 11% lower than the national average. According to recent information, Rockwall electricity rates are on the rise, but you can visit Find The Cheapest Electricity Rates where you have the opportunity to get better rates in Rockwall.

How can you keep your Rockwall electricity bill from going up? Texas net metering plans are one-way electricity plans put money back into your wallet every month. Your electricity company actually pays you for a portion of excess solar power that is generated by the solar panels on your rooftop.

Is it about time you looked further into the option of using solar power as a renewable electricity source for your house or business?

You probably don’t know many things about the topic, so you must keep reading to find out a lot more. Surely you are going to like what you are about to read.

Zuna Solar Of Rockwall

Zuna Solar Of Rockwall offers free in-person or Zoom presentations explaining the Net Metering process. There are several things we need from you for us to give you an accurate presentation.

  • Your address – We get a satellite image of your roof.
  • Name of your electric company.
  • Average electric bill over past 12-months and/or copy of electric bill.
  • Picture of your electric panel may be needed.
  • The size of your air conditioner.
  • Sign Up For A Solar Presentation

Change To Solar Power

Are your utility costs getting a little uncontrollable these days? If you are tired of paying high utility costs, it is time to change to solar power. It may cost a little bit extra in advance. However, it will ultimately consume a lot of cash over time.

When using solar energy for the first time, it’s most likely an excellent suggestion to begin small. Use solar lights outside to conserve energy. You can purchase these at stores like Home Depot and Lowes. They are straightforward to set up.

If you compare costs on whole house solar power, compare apples to apples. Some firms might supply bargain-valued systems, but these systems could not hold up, be backed by a legitimate service warranty or feature in such a way that saves you money. Remember that sometimes it is much better to spend a little bit more now to conserve more over time and get more money back.

Solar Power For Your House Or Business

You should analyze just how much energy you require for your household before purchasing a solar panel system. You will get the most out of your solar power system if it is powerful enough to cover all your electricity needs and enables you to sell a small quantity of power back to the grid. This is called net metering.

Your house or business must obtain at least five hours of direct sunshine each day to get one of the most from solar power. A lot more sun is much better when it involves solar panels; however, if you get less than this, solar power can still be a feasible option. If you remain in an area with sky-high electricity bills, solar may still save you cash even if you do not have the optimum sunshine.

Solar Panels

Solar Power From Solar Panels

If your roof can not sustain the weight of photo-voltaic solar panels, you can conserve money by buying thin, lightweight solar panels if you can find them. These incredibly light and versatile panels make the installment a lot easier and budget-friendly. Their higher cost is also validated by their effectiveness.

Remember – you get what you pay for! Yes, there is a great deal of cheaper photovoltaic panels coming into the marketplace from abroad. But much of those panels may not last more than a few years, and solar power is a long-term investment. It’s much better to get photovoltaic panels recognized for their high quality that’ll last for years than an inexpensive option that may only last a few years.

The 7 best solar panels for 2022 are listed below and can be found on the MarketWatch site. This is MarketWatch ratings and their overall picks:

  1. Silfab ————– Our overall pick
  2. SunPower ——– Our pick for efficiency
  3. Panasonic ——- Our pick for premium panels
  4. LG ——————- Our pick for accessibility
  5. Q Cells ———— Our pick for warranty options
  6. Canadian Solar – Our pick for affordability
  7. Trina Solar ——– Our pick for value panels

Benefits Of Solar Power

One of the significant advantages of solar power is that it is sustainable. The sun (typically) shines just about every day, and there is no reason to stress about getting power from the sun. Utilizing solar energy, as a result, is a safe and very reliable way to power your house.

Among the best advantages of solar energy is the reality that it will certainly never run out. Except for the sun burning out, it will always be there to offer us power. Using solar energy differs from any other power source because it is a constant source of power and will exist until the end of days.

Solar energy uses the utility from the sun to power everything from little garden lights to significant corporations. Unlike coal and oil, the sun is renewable electricity, suggesting it will never go out like various other utility resources. Making the button to solar power is a wise financial investment for your future.

Try to find rebates and grants to help with the price of setting up photovoltaic panels. So while these preliminary prices are frightening, understand that assistance is offered. Verify whether state or federal discounts and grants are provided to aid you. The cost savings can be considerable. You could even be eligible to claim a tax reduction.

Solar Power May Save You Some Money

You do not need to fret about hurting the environment when utilizing solar energy. Nonrenewable fuel sources send damaging greenhouse gases off into the environment, adding to international warming and climate modification. Nevertheless, solar batteries have no impact on the atmosphere and are secure to use.

Think of the money you send to your power companies every month. Exactly how would you like to maintain that cash in your pocket? Changing to solar power will do that for you. After you repay the first financial investment, the money you used to pay for the power business will remain in your budget.

Are you considering how you can use everything you’ve checked out to conserve some on your own cash? That wouldn’t be assuming that? It is time you put these pointers to excellent usage so that you can fully gain from whatever that solar power needs to offer you as a utility source.